Club Candids

Homme Sweet Homme

Yes, it seems as if we can't get away from the typical DJ . . . spinning relatively hot tunes and taking his headphones way too seriously in an obvious, pathetic attempt to get laid. So, it was great to hit Homme Lounge on a Thursday night, when they embrace the Valley's overabundance of vinyl vagrants with "Everyone's a Fucking DJ." (Click here for more photos.) Each week, they cycle through the roster of popular local DJs who normally cause asses to shake on the weekends at Glam, Burn and the Rogue. The central Phoenix bar has two stories, with a DJ for each floor keeping the audio experience options open for the pre-weekend warriors.

The place has an "anything goes" vibe, and we spied everything from casual Converse and jeans-clad ladies to drag queens in miniskirts that had the word "fuck" printed all over them. On top of the evening's generous drink specials, Homme Lounge invited everyone to compete in heated games of beer pong to win free booze. Not only is everyone a fucking DJ at Homme, but everyone's a fucking drunkard, too.