Local Wire


W.O.M.B. has always been difficult to define. Ever since the Valley band's debut LP, 1999's Warriors of Make Believe, the group has been producing thematically diverse music that ranges from the playful and poppy to the haunting and experimental. Now that singer/guitarist Marta Wiley and drummer Cristiana Cole have parted ways with their original bassist and found four new members, it's anyone's guess how the retooled group's eclecticism will manifest itself. Undeniably talented songwriters, Wiley and Cole have a much broader musical canvas with which to work. Joined by a new bassist, violinist, keyboardist, and dancer, they have promised to take their music and stage show in a new direction with their upcoming concert, which has been billed as the band's "rebirth." While W.O.M.B. may make a transition to a more epic rock opera sound, fans can expect the all-female band to stay true to its roots. Continuing to pay homage to a diverse group of influences including Pink Floyd, The Pixies and The Police, the band will perform fan favorites like "Sound of Silence," "Shoot Me," and "Sex Will Sell."