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What Laura Says Thinks and Feels

You know that warm, contented feeling you get when it's woundingly cold outside and you're snuggled up in your favorite blanket sipping cocoa and watching Roseanne reruns? You can get nearly the same effect, minus the calories and eyestrain, from the fanciful sounds of What Laura Says Thinks and Feels. Grammatically questionable band name aside, Danny Godbold, James Mulhern, Mitch Freedom, Jacob Woolsey, and Greg Muller are proficient crafters of falsetto harmonies atop sugar-sweet melodies and imaginative use of various percussion tools. Conversely, these five lads can also bang out Southern rock-infused compositions that would make even John Fogerty raise an eyebrow. With its spontaneous tempo changes and roving bubbles of musical optimism, this undeniably charming interpretation of indie-folk can surely melt even the coldest of hearts. Since the recent completion of its self-titled, independent first release, What Laura Says Thinks and Feels has been performing a generous number of live shows around the Valley in the past several months. You don't want to miss an opportunity to see these fellas live because there's a good chance that What Laura Says Thinks and Feels won't be sans record label for long.