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Kings of Leon

We found this blurb on Yahoo!, describing the Kings of Leon's official Web site: "Rock band from Tennessee whose songs teem with primal emotions and rangy rhythms." First off, somebody from the Kings' camp wrote this. Second, somebody in the Kings' camp thinks their songs teem with primal emotions and, moreover, their rhythms are . . . rangy? Primal, being the original or primitive state of something, does not properly describe the Kings of Leon's constantly evolving music or the emotions they convey since, hey, emotions are the most primal thing human beings possess besides DNA. This would be like saying, "The Kings of Leon's songs teem with human thought." And their so-called rangy rhythms? What a terrible word. Yes, they are, indeed, rangy (or wide-ranging) and, yes, they've grown increasingly so with each new album, especially their latest, Because of the Times, which somehow marries Southern rock to prog-rock without the benefit of hallucinogens. But doesn't rangy kind of sound like some sort of skin disease like the mange? Luckily, the Kings of Leon are not a skin disease and, even though they have shitty publicity writers, their music does teem with regular emotions that, more often than not, aren't overwhelmed by their rangy sonic experimentation.