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Phunk Junkeez

Phunk Junkeez More than just a little reminiscent of the Beastie Boys, the entire genre of white, outlandish pseudo-rap is somewhat of a novelty that has worn itself out, but the six-piece Phunk Junkeez manage to come together into a tight, cohesive group that sounds layered, blending funk, hip-hop and rock music to form an unmistakable hard hybrid groove. The lyrics contain frequent references to our hotter-than-hell desert state and blazin' up a spliff, but a constant lack of pensive phrasing gets old quickly, and seems awkward atop some pretty cool riffs (an exception is the highly political track, "Generations"). One of the best cuts is "The Good, the Bad, the Phunkee," which harks back to that old school, irresistible '70s porn-funk sound. Another standout is "Come To Party," which maintains a mellow vibe with a synthesized horn section. Despite the criticism one could lay on our homeboys, Phunk Junkeez have never professed to be refined. These are the same kids who put on DIY shows publicized almost exclusively by word of mouth in busted-up warehouses in the early '90s. Hell, we wouldn't want sophistication from them anyway, because in the end, the whole package keeps you movin' and shakin'.