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Lucky Dragons

One-man noise ensemble Luke Fischbeck is a computer musician, unlike other sound manipulators working the 0s and 1s. The Los Angeles-based improviser executes his experimental music-meets-performance-art concertos under the Lucky Dragons moniker. Instead of gazing into a computer monitor, Fischbeck employs a circuit-bent box and sophisticated software capable of producing glitchy breakbeats and whiplash tempos without the aid of keystrokes and mouse navigation. This gives him the space to perform interpretative avian ritualistic dance routines, which includes dude knee-shuffling on the floor while dropping his pelvis near a circuit-bent tool he made that's sensitive to human energy and touch (the closer to his package, the more radiant the sound). Performances often end with participatory group hugs/circles, where audience members cradle wires, coated with friendship-bracelet material, that are activated when another person touches the rope-wielder. Skin, we're in.