Letters From the Issue of Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hot for Teacher

Let lying dogs sleep: This Ken Lamberton guy must have a big pair of balls to write about his sordid past. You would think he would be hiding under a rock for what he did ("Redemption Song," Megan Irwin, March 1).

If he hadn't tried to profit from what happened by writing about it, I would be prepared to say that he should just be left alone, that he did his prison time and thereby paid his debt to society.

Now, though, I hope he gets all the scorn possible for bringing fame to himself for something so reprehensible as having sex with a 13- or 14-year-old girl. He was a teacher, for Christ's sake, somebody parents trusted with their kids.
Thomas Sanders, Phoenix

Adult hood: You make Ken Lamberton sound like a saint — someone who was prosecuted under some archaic law. Not once in your article does he show remorse or state what he did was wrong.

Even if the 14-year-old did consent, it is the responsibility of adults to protect our children and to make the right decisions. Ken did neither of these and has probably scarred the girl for life. Yet he is profiting from this by writing books. The girl should get his royalties.
K. Anderson, Phoenix

Its okay; we cant always finish reading the letters, either: I had Ken Lamberton in the seventh grade, and he was a horrible teacher. He always seemed very distracted in class. Why bring this sick guy back up?

I'm sorry that I couldn't stomach the whole article. I respect Kelly Gregan for not responding. Who would want to re-live this part of their past life? I'm also wondering how putting her name into the media benefits her. She was a minor when the crime took place. I thought minors' privacy was protected for life. I guess not.
Amy Fitch, Mesa

Those meddling kids: It was interesting to read that it has been 20 years since Ken Lamberton ran off with a female student. I notice that your article says he seduced her and, yes, he should have known better, especially since he was already married.

Yet where is the accountability of underage people wearing sexy clothes and throwing themselves at adults? Isn't that seduction, too? It seems to even be okay if teenagers under the age of 18 have sex with each other, but not if one is 18 years old and falls prey to some "innocent" little victim.

Same goes for teenage boys who had sex with older men such as priests over and over again, then 20 years later say their lives are ruined. Who forced them to go back for more?

Hey, my aunt and grandmother were both married at 14 and had children by age 15. Both also stayed married for more than 50 years! Of course, they were from the old country!

Please don't think I'm advocating a sexual free-for-all. I just don't think all teenagers are poor defenseless kids who don't know what sex is about and that their lives are ruined by some of these encounters.
Candi Kane, via the Internet

Knock on Peckerwood

Basura by any other name: Could somebody please tell me why we need another radio bigot screeching hatred toward Mexicans? Aren't there enough of these idiots around already? I refer to Darrell Ankarlo, relatively new to our community and the subject of The Bird's recent rant ("Hate Jock," Stephen Lemons, March 1).

Just as The Bird crowed, "Ankarlow-brow" is just another loudmouth catering to the peckerwoods who so hugely populate the Phoenix area. He preaches to the choir converted to dumb-ass prejudice, those who just aren't smart enough to see that this whole area would go under economically if we didn't employ "illegal" Mexican labor. Those who continue to think that Mexicans are taking our jobs, when not a single one of the complainers would be willing to work in a Carl's Jr. for minimum wage or dig ditches on a construction site for shit money.

Okay, can we blame Ankarlow-brow for trying to get ratings? I wonder if he even believes what he says, or is merely just a performer appealing to the hillbillies. Darrell, if you do really believe that the Mexican neighborhoods you stupidly denigrate are any worse than white-trash neighborhoods in this town, you are as big a dumb-ass as The Bird contends you are. If for no other reason than the denizens of these white-trash neighborhoods are your core listeners, you should get some reality therapy.
Kenneth Lane, Phoenix

Another angry white woman: Regarding your hit job on KTAR radio host Darrell Ankarlo, it is my opinion that people rarely get as pissed off to spew as much venom and vitriol as your piece does unless the subject is telling the truth. No one gets mad at a lie like they do at the truth.