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The Masters of Chaos Tour

We can all agree that Lemmy Kilmister owns the coolest name in all of metal history, but coming in a close second is Trey Azagthoth -- leader of the long-running death metal outfit Morbid Angel -- who sounds like he should hail from the frozen blackness of upper Finland but actually calls sunny Tampa, Florida, home. And while we can furthermore mostly agree that Slayer is the towering grandpappy of the genre (okay, Venom deserves some credit, too), props must also go to Morbid Angel for its trailblazing efforts in the late '80s and early '90s, with such landmark albums as Altars of Madness (recently expanded and rereleased by Earache Records) and Blessed Are the Sick, which pushed death metal to even more extreme, battering, and virtuosic levels, and continue to inspire legions of leather-clad, occult-minded, string-shredding malcontents around the world. That influence will be on display during this thrashy, international-flavored bill -- warming up for the mighty Angel is Canada's Despised Icon, Brazil brother act Krisiun, and Poland's legendary Behemoth, which, with band members called Nergal, Orion, and Inferno, doesn't come up short in the cool name department, either.