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The five members of Eisley are irrefutable proof that some familial gene pools are just better than others. Consider the four siblings and one cousin who all share the name DuPree: With fanciful, elegant arrangements and luminous vocal harmonies, they elevate what would otherwise be basic dream pop into something delicate, and almost supernatural -- like what angelic choirs would sound like in an Elton John-produced stage production of the Bible. But as divine as the vocals are, keep in mind that one of the hot sisters out front harmonizing and playing with your heart isn't even legal yet. The oldest member of the band is 23, while the youngest, newcomer Garron DuPree, is only 15. The current tour is one of Garron's first and the last before those sisters and the rest of the family head back into the studio to record the follow-up to their debut, Room Noises. In fact, you'll get a preview of several of the new tunes at the show.