Letters From the Issue of Thursday, May 4, 2006

Loose Lips

Far out, dude: I couldn't agree more with The Bird's assessment of Loose Change ("Goofball Shockumentary," April 27). I hate the Bush administration, but all these conspiracy theorists just don't make sense.

What you say about Bush and his minions not being smart enough to plan 9/11 is true. I wouldn't put it past them otherwise. Unfortunately, what the people who made the Loose Change film are proposing is just impossible. It's pure science fiction to think that the government planned it all merely to justify going into Iraq.

And, like I said, I'm stating this as somebody who is staunchly against the Iraq war. I wish what Loose Change proposes were true (then, we could get rid of the Bush-Cheney gang). But what these filmmakers are touting is far too far out, dude.
Jace Elliott, via the Internet

Uh, whatever you say: For you to attack Loose Change and its producers is ridiculous enough, but to actually belittle and deride an employee of Scottsdale Community College for her concern over the subject matter (during her time off, no less) makes it clear that you have freed yourself of any attachment to simple logic.

Also, you right-wing pricks shouldn't shamelessly spread this pabulum to us regular dopes, who just might believe it. You have revealed your hubris in spades by spreading your words as if you believe them. Shame.
Kary Collison, Tempe

Democratic Demographic

Wild about Harry: Regarding John Dougherty's column about Harry Mitchell's campaign to unseat Congressman J.D. Hayworth ("Slow-Motion Nightmare," April 20), Arizona state Senator Mitchell -- on his worst day -- will be better than J.D. on his best.

Senator Mitchell, a lifelong East Valley resident and leader, knows the East Valley and has served the East Valley longer and more effectively than anyone else. As Tempe's most respected mayor and state senator, Harry Mitchell will hit the ground running in Washington, D.C., and will bring something that D.C. has not seen in years: civility, bipartisanship, good manners, respect for others and a lifelong passion to serve the public and the public interest.

People are tired of toxic partisanship that places party over the public and lobbyist money over everything else. Congress has never been held in lower esteem. Harry Mitchell will be part of the cure.
Jon Fiegen, Tempe

Tired blood: John Dougherty couldn't have nailed it any better in his column than when he said, "Is Harry Mitchell the best the Democrats can do?"

I believe the Democratic Party is in the catbird seat to win the seat away from J.D. Hayworth this time around. Hayworth is tainted by taking money from the wrong people, and he's just a complete dumb-ass in the first place. But what do the "Dumbocrats" do? They run tired old Harry Mitchell.

We need new blood, not tired blood.
David A. Smith, Tempe

Ho-ho: I disagree with all of John Dougherty's solutions put forth at the end of his column on Harry Mitchell. Specifically, his idea on health care. If the government confiscates all the Twinkies, who will be left to write for New Times?
Keith Flanagan, via the Internet

Marshall Plan B: John Dougherty's an incredibly shortsighted, ridiculous partisan hack! Your bashing of J.D. Hayworth is both off-base and unfair. Calling him a hate-monger and a racist is altogether wrong.

He has served and represented his district fairly and spoken the language that many of us can identify with. He has broken ranks with Republicans on numerous issues, especially the whole illegal immigration debacle.

Dougherty's endorsement of Harry Mitchell shows his true colors as a Democrat-at-any-cost liberal who really doesn't care about the issues. The last three paragraphs of his column show that he really has little knowledge of the issues.

On immigration: His stance that a Marshall Plan would have any worthwhile effects presupposes that the government of Mexico is transparent. It is really loaded with corruption, and the only benefit of foreign investment in Mexico by the United States would be to Vicente Fox and his cronies. The people of Mexico would still be living in squalor.

On health care: His plan to provide financial "incentives" is truly ridiculous on so many fronts.

On Iraq: Dougherty and his liberal ilk have deluded themselves into believing that terrorists can be negotiated with. They do not speak the language of diplomacy, they speak of violence, they perpetrate violence, and the only way to end this war on terror is to win it. We need to beat them into submission.

Dougherty obviously has no truck with rational thought.
Cory Mandall, Phoenix

J.D. Hayseed: I never thought I would see the day when New Times would endorse a Republican. Even though John Dougherty said that J.D. Hayworth is a buffoon, the result of what he wrote is to say: "Keep J.D. Hayworth in office because the Democrats haven't come up with a good candidate."