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Ice Cube

Okay, check this out: You're not gonna believe this, but you know that Ice Cube guy? From the movies and stuff? The one who played the cuddly father figure in last year's family flick Are We There Yet?, and who just got cast as "Mr. Kotter" in the upcoming remake of Welcome Back, Kotter? Well, he used to be a gangsta rapper a long time ago! I know, right? I couldn't believe it, either, but apparently it's true. He used to have a Jheri curl and rap about fucking the police or something like that -- Hollywood better not catch wind of that, or he's sunk! Anyway, I heard he's putting out a new album next month, like his first one in forever, and also on it is that Snoop Dogg guy, from Soul Plane. I guess there's songs on it about guns and drugs and cops and how hard life is in the ghetto, which might be a little weird coming from a multimillionaire mainstream movie icon, but whatever. I guess as long as the beats are cool and the message is important, it's all good. I just hope this rap thing doesn't distract him from making Barbershop 3.