How Your Summer Reading List Stacks Up

Send In the Idiots, by Kamran Nazeer (Bloomsbury, $23.95)

Untouchables, by Narendra Jadhav (Scribner, $26)

Self-Made Man, by Norah Vincent (Viking, $24.95)

A Brief Chapter in My Impossible Life, by Dana Reinhardt (Wendy Lamb/Random House, $15.95)

Poppy Shakespeare, by Clare Allan (Bloomsbury, $23.95)

City of Tiny Lights, by Patrick Neate (Riverhead, $14)

Whiteman, by Tony D'Souza (Harcourt, $22)

White on Black, by Ruben Gallego (Harcourt, $22)

The Oatman Massacre, by Brian McGinty (University of Oklahoma, $14.95)

Encounters With the Invisible, by Dorothy Wall (Southern Methodist University, $22.95)

The Riddle of Gender, by Deborah Rudacille (Anchor, $15.95)

Hello I'm Special, by Hal Niedzviecki (City Lights, $15.95)