Back 2 Back School Jam

Ordinarily we wouldn't encourage anyone to patronize a fraternity-sponsored event, but since all y'all collegiate would-be intellectuals are back clocking hours with the professors, you probably need a chance to cut loose while the semester's still fresh. The local chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha -- the first intercollegiate African-American fraternity, known for its dedication to civil rights -- is presenting the "Back 2 Back School Jam 06" this Saturday, January 28, at the Brickhouse Theater (1 East Jackson Street, at Central and Jackson in Phoenix), hosted by Power 92.3's Lady LA (of Da Nutz fame) and Ace Black. Appropriately, the party is open to anyone 18 and over, but you gots to be 21 to get your alco-swerve on. Admission is $10 before 11 p.m.; leave your jerseys and hats at home, gangstas. Word to yo GPA!