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"First of all, fuck Bush, that's the all, that's the end of it." With the first line of his latest CD, Audition, Minnesota's P.O.S. wastes no time arming his verbal brass knuckles, and everything he brings to the hip-hop game on this impressive LP is what both mainstream and backpacking rappers have lacked for far too long. Imagine if Treach, after regaining his glory days' anger and passion, teamed up with a bastard son of Rick Rubin and Tribe's Ali Shaheed Muhammad on beats, and you're getting close to the power that P.O.S.'s Doomtree collective is whipping up in the hip-hop world. Get closer on Tuesday, when P.O.S. brings an indie-hop all-star crew to the Clubhouse Music Venue that includes fellow Doomtree man SIMS and master blaster Mes the Jive Turkey.