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The Gossip

You know a band is moving up in the world when the members are excited about their new tour van's air conditioning. In the past, apparently, The Gossip just had to sweat it out. Luckily for us, new vans mean new albums, and in January, Standing in the Way of Control will be gracing the shelves of local record stores. For now, we get a preview of the new material -- and new drummer Hannah Blilie. Blilie adds new layers of complexity to The Gossip's patented bare-bones indie-blues. The saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," but in this case, the music just gets better with the new, fuller sound. Regardless, The Gossip is Beth Ditto and her amazing buttercream voice. Imagine the pipes of Mama Cass, add some Southern soul, and throw in some punk swagger, and you still won't have any clue how hard Ditto's voice will hit you -- it'll make you tingle in places you didn't know possible. If you can't wait until January for the new record, you can pick up a remix 12" of the title track next week. Maybe the cash you spend will afford the band further luxuries, like seatbelts or a working stereo, for the next tour.