Local Wire

The Epoxies, and The Aquabats

Ever wish New Wave had survived in the mainstream? As long as you were in it for the synth and not the Day-Glo, The Epoxies may give you what you need. The female-fronted band offers an updated version of that early '80s sound, infusing poppy synthesizer beats, catchy punk flavor, and enough political energy to land their tune "Need More Time" a spot on the first Rock Against Bush disc. Meanwhile, The Aquabats are not a political band. They're too weird to even be a pop band. Pop bands can't wear masks. It's a rule or something. Luckily, ska bands can. And these musicians reveal their true nature as comic book nerds and cartoon junkies with stage names like Jimmy the Robot, and MC Bat Commander -- not your typical punk monikers, but they don't care about being cool. No, they're content to blast power chords, sing about superheroes, and play sax until they make us crack a smile.