Local Wire

Autumn's End, Sixstitch

Two of the most promising bands in the local metal scene are performing together this weekend. Autumn's End keeps it dark and heavy, and pretty much exemplifies Arizona metal: shredding guitars and growling guys in black cowboy hats. The band was formed by vocalist and guitarist Chris Cannella, former N17 guitarist, who ditched the goth of N17 and created a straightforward sound for head-banging. Autumn's End is a must for fans of Black Dahlia Murder and Lamb of God.

Meanwhile, Phoenix metalheads have been singing the praises of Sixstitch for the past year. The five-piece has a more mainstream appeal than Autumn's End, blending electronics, distorted guitars and smooth vocals, similar to Cold. While the band's sound is distinct, its style and song structure are reminiscent of Slipknot -- only Sixstitch can do it with only five people. This band could end up on metal radio, so see it while it's hot.