Polygamy Is Fundamental

Financial planning: Far as I can tell, John Dougherty has done it again; provided clear information regarding the situation in Colorado City/Hildale ("Double Exposure," December 25). As a resident of Lake Havasu City/Mohave County, we have strong feelings regarding the lawless activities of the fundamentalists. Most of us are busy conserving our finances and those folk are busy raking in our tax dollars for their enrichment.

Dolores George
Lake Havasu City

Church of the poisoned mind: Wow! What a series ("Polygamy in Arizona," John Dougherty). I've read every article about the FLDS that you've written in the past year, and it truly has been enlightening for me. I've even forwarded them to friends. Reading your articles helped me to see that I was in the wrong church. I wasn't a Mormon, but a member of the RLDS (Reorganized Church of Christ of Latter-day Saints), or Community of Christ church, which split with the Mormon religion in 1830. Ours was a much smaller church and much less well-known, and we didn't practice things that Mormons do (everyone could go into our temples with no "admission card" required, we openly drank coffee, we even had women in the priesthood). After reading Dougherty's series, though, I felt that I wanted my family to be a part of a church that believes in and teaches Christ and the Bible, so we've found a new nondenominational church. Thank you! Keep up the stunning work. Dougherty is an amazing writer and should be given the Pulitzer for this series.

Penny Padegimas

Support Your Local Venue

And the band played somewhere else: It's sad to see another venue bite the dust, but let's face it: Local bands don't support local venues ("Ash Canned," Christopher O'Connor, December 25)!

If bands took their futures seriously, they would promote themselves and draw crowds. No venue is filling up at $8 a head just by opening its doors.

Bands need to push and push to pursue their dreams, just like actors (or even doctors). If a band draws 10 people, they need to head back to mom's garage and start using their cell phones rather than whine that clubs aren't drawing.

The local music scene is drying up because no one is pushing bands to do their part of promoting. No band will sell 500 tickets out of the gate, but some will get there by telling the world that they need to hear and see them at clubs like Nita's Hideaway.

You could have the Beatles (with Lennon and Harrison!), but if no one hears about it . . . empty room.

A venue is just that; the rest of the job is up to the band/promoter/manager, who, at the level in question, are all the same person.

I should know, as the former owner of the now-defunct Electric Ballroom.

Jim Torgeson

Joe Blows

Zeig heil: Jeez, I find it hard to believe that anyone in Arizona is still even surprised at the antics of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, The Loser ("The Trial," December 25). His blatant disregard for human decency is not new or even interesting. It is sad. He acts like the New Hitler with his own private Gestapo built right into the sheriff's office, and those in power refuse to acknowledge it.

I have heard many times over the last few years that it is rare to meet a person who is truly from Arizona. It is because we despair of the way things are run, the lack of thoughtful decisions by the citizens and by the lawmakers.

I moved away from Arizona recently. Me, fourth generation, so much sand in my blood I have instant clotting from it. I have no desire to return. I fear that my inability to turn a blind eye will eventually cost me my freedom or something else. Look what The Loser does to his powerful opponents.

All I can say is what I have said for years. WAKE UP, ARIZONA! And good luck.

Lori Trevino
Via e-mail

Artistic Wizardry

Form follows function: Wonderful to read about an artist who can articulate his work, which sounds not only like fun but functional as well ("Off to See the Wizardry," Robrt L. Pela, January 1). Good luck, Wizardry man! The world needs creative people like you.

Iris Hartman

Chain Gang

IHOP is cool: I am writing this letter in response to Richard Carr's "Coolness Factor" about IHOP and how chain restaurants are not cool (Letters, December 18). First of all, I am the manager of that said labeled "IHOP, uncool restaurant," and I would like to mention that the name of a restaurant has no bearing on how cool it is; it's the staff and quality of atmosphere.