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Sascha Konietzko is one daft businessman. The enigmatic leader of the industrial rock band KMFDM, Konietzko hires a rotating group of musicians to fill out his lineup. When his group became a little too cocky a few years back, he ditched them and founded MDFMK. "KMFDM was always my project. I was the one who single-handedly founded it," Konietzko says. "Some people were, over the years, too accustomed to getting paid on a regular basis and figured maybe they could get paid even if they didn't work. Out of loyalty and decency and respect for everyone I just said, Look, we're going to put KMFDM to rest. I'm going to continue MDFMK, that's close enough to home for me. I don't want to depart from my trade name. You guys figure out what you want to do with your lives and I'm going to figure out what to do with mine.' When enough time had elapsed and everything had sort of cleared up, it was very natural for me to go back to KMFDM."

Besides teaching his crew a lesson, the name changes served as a PR stunt for the band. It's gimmicks like those that have kept KMFDM in business for more than 15 albums. Konietzko is matter-of-fact about his success and varied -- to say the least -- fan base. "Not only do we maintain them, we also rejuvenate them constantly. It's kind of like we have fans now that are single-digit age to well over 90." Konietzko doesn't find it odd to look out into the crowd and see the Hoveround sect headbanging to his music. "I like it."