Indie Rock

Sat 11/15
Arizona's aspiring filmmakers have a tendency to flee to Hollywood, but that's all going to change if the Movie Militia has anything to do with it.Open to anyone interested in independent filmmaking, the organization is the brain child of Ben Juhl, a local writer, director and actor.

Frustrated by his movie biz friends' insistence that they have to head to L.A. to be successful, Juhl wanted to help jump-start more local projects.

This Saturday, November 15, Movie Militia hosts a networking party from 6 to 9 p.m. at Mesa's Hollywood Alley, where folks are welcome to exchange cards, head shots and scripts, or just enjoy a drink. Admission is $1.

"Personally, I think we can create some good, marketable movies, and the Movie Militia Networking Party is an avenue for meeting new people and exploring ways of doing just that," he says.

Visit for details.- Michele Laudig

Dwelling on It

"Arcology" takes form up north

The sleepy town of Cordes Junction, about 50 miles north of Phoenix, is home to one of the most revolutionary architectural projects of the 20th century. Paolo Soleri's Arcosanti is an ongoing study in architecture and ecology, what Dr. Soleri has coined "arcology." Now Soleri is turning his head to the skies, and will exhibit his latest work, titled "Cosmos, Eros and Arcology: Art Work by Paolo Soleri," in three parts: "habitat for us, the earthbound," "habitat for us, the space explorers," and "eros." The opening reception takes place at 7 p.m. Thursday, November 13, and the show runs until December 6. Contact Vanier Galleries at 480-946-7507 for more information. - Maidi Terry

Atomic Cocktail

Rum fuels futuristic fiesta

If your dream has always been to watch The Jetsons while drinking Bacardi, the wait is over. Limón: 3003 is taking over the Scottsdale bar scene, with a "retrofuturistic" night that promises to be entertaining. Organized by Bacardi, Limón: 3003 takes the best elements of the past and merges them with elements of the future. They'll even have "replication stations" (pods à la Mork & Mindy) available for clubbers to duck into and have their pictures taken. Rounding out the evening are VJs Honeygun Labs, and performance artists Circ X. You've got three nights to see it all happen: Thursday, November 13, at AXIS/Radius; Friday, November 14, at Next; and Saturday, November 15, at Sanctuary. Visit for more information.- Maidi Terry