Pop Culture

Anyone who writes haikus to cola is a soda aficionada, and we admit to it. Imagine our delight in discovering Pop the Soda Shop, a south Scottsdale beverage boutique at 2015 North Scottsdale Road. Pop caters to everyone's tastes with 450 varieties of alcohol-free beverages, including juice, tea, soda and herbal drinks. The little store has a big reputation, shipping drinks worldwide to customers who include movie stars, photographers, even dying people. Owner Jeff Guarino cites last requests for favorites such as Grapette and Grape Nehi. Who invented soda, anyway? "God," says Guarino. "Spring water was naturally carbonated in the earth, and people thought it had healing and calming effects." Eventually, "Pharmacists added herbs to make tonics," he explains. The medicinal soon became recreational, as consumers demanded what many believe was the first commercial soft drink: Moxie. Made from gentian root, "Moxie was sold as nerve food,'" Guarino says.

Whatever your favorite pick-me-up, Pop will serve it perfectly chilled for your next business meeting, birthday party or taste test. Pop the Soda Shop is open Mondays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and until 8 p.m. Thursdays. Call 480-994-4505 or check out the inventory at www.popsoda.com. - Kim Toms

Booty Secrets

Get yourself on the dance floor

Even if we were to properly identify our groove thing, it's unlikely that we'd shake it properly. Thankfully, for just five bucks a pop, the pros will show us how to do it now. The Voice Institute's hourlong hip-hop classes continue through October 1, meeting Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Friday and Saturday afternoons at dance studios in Mesa, Scottsdale and Chandler. Call 480-951-1239 or see www.voiceinstitute.com/hiphop for details. - Jill Koch

Pick of the Glitter

Andora exhibition shines light on jewelers

Nothing unites nations like the love of jewelry -- just look at the Olympic rings. Jewelers from three countries show off their wearable artworks at Carefree's Andora Gallery, where "Jewelers -- Across the World, Across the Generations" opens Monday, September 1. In addition to pieces by Americans Jamie Bennett, Rachelle Thiewes and Jennifer Trask, the collection includes the creations of Korean jeweler Yoon Kim, whose 18-karat gold and sterling silver works incorporate diamond, tourmaline, garnet and rubber accents; and German Hilde Leiss, whose organic, architectural jewelry reflects abstract shapes seen in nature.

The exhibition continues through September 30 at the gallery, 7202 East Carefree Drive. Call 480-595-1039 or see www.andoragallery.com. - Jill Koch

Sip Service

Winery pushes garlic and grapes

>We've got two tickets to Garlic Paradise -- pack your Binaca, we'll leave tonight. San Dominique Winery, a.k.a. "Garlic Paradise," throws open its doors for a Labor Day Weekend open house, this Saturday, August 30, through Monday, September 1. While the vintner peddles some 65 gourmet garlic products (the pungent Sampler Pack bundles pickled garlic, garlic mayo, garlic mustard, roasted garlic, and spicy green tomato garlic relish), this weekend's event promises noshes of a non-garlic variety as well, plus plenty of grape.

The wine flows from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week at San Dominique, located 15 miles north of Cordes Junction at I-17 and State Highway 169. See www.garlicparadise.com for more information.- Jill Koch