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The Exploited

Believe it or not, the Exploited is nearing a quarter-century of cutting a crusty swath of anarchist destruction across the globe. Rest easy, though -- with such ditties as "Fuck the System," "Fuck the U.S.A." and "You're a Fucking Bastard" to their credit, one can pretty safely assume the corrosive Scottish punks aren't gonna get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame anytime soon (still ain't as bad as the G.G. Allin "Suck My Ass It Smells" approach, but whatever . . . ). In fact, in this current political climate, it's a near wonder the quartet can even get entrance visas to tour the States.

Careening toward the big 5-0, unapologetically obnoxious singer Wattie Buchan is the sole member of the original lineup still fighting the good fight (drummer Dru Stix got sent up the river in 1982 for armed robbery, while founding axman "Big John" Duncan bailed in 1983, resurfacing briefly in 1993 as Nirvana's second guitarist on the In Utero tour). Yeah, the Exploited has enjoyed more personnel changes than hot co-ed showers in their 24-plus years, but as long as Buchan's around to get in your face and spit his fervent anti-establishment venom (mall-core it ain't), it doesn't really matter who's backing his two-minute rant-anthems with unrelenting, three-chord crunch. Oi, mate!