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Paws Across America, featuring Kid 606

The revolution will not be televised, it will be downloaded -- you may have noticed the FCC and the RIAA flag-waving these developments in recent attempts to condense broadcasting power s and police cultural piracy. But the revolution rarely gives a shit about government-prescribed acronyms; it believes in a consolidation of spirit, movement and power, all things that Michael Depedro (better known as Kid 606, the enfant terrible of laptop techno) has been stockpiling at his San Francisco-based Tigerbeat 6 label since 2000. Now, his basement's about to blow, and he's the maniac with his finger on the button.

Actually, the sample-based sound-terrorism Tigerbeat 6 espouses has been in Defcon 2 for a few years now. Without getting too sloganeering: This really is the new punk, the way Alec Empire, Aphex Twin and hip-hop thought it could be. The label's Paws Across America tour represents one set of Ché Rottens. The Kid is hell-bent on kinetic rides through every double-speed dance style in existence. DJ/Rupture melts hip-hop into a rump-shaking, pan-global potion, full of Qawwali dub exoticism and gabba-in-the-dance-hall refreshment. Swede Dwayne Sodahberk is more in debt to Berlin dub's cut-up thumps than most. And Terminal 11 is the local insurgent. The evening's most prominent insignia might just be an Apple, because Gibson's revolutionary moment has come and gone. Sign up now.