Varied Treasure

Performance art, punk rock, fire eaters, DJs, painted monkeys, singing bards, poetry, video and some dancers thrown in for good measure -- these are a few of Paper Heart Gallery owner Scott Sanders' favorite things, which is why he and artist/collaborator Jeff Falk decided to combine all of them into one big, crazy art-o-palooza called "Sound + Vision 1." This weekend's two-day carnival showcases a little of everything from the smorgasbord of art styles featured in the two-year-old gallery's calendar.

"We wanted to bring together everything we do here -- the visual, performance art, music -- and put it all into one show," says Sanders, who, along with Falk, chose the participants for the event from artist submissions. Usually, each style of entertainment is given a night of its own at Paper Heart, but Sanders and Falk wanted to expose people to many different media in one show, a sampler of everything that Paper Heart presents. "We thought it was best to represent what we do here," says Sanders. "We are an art space, not just a gallery."

Included in the show are many well-known local performers and artists such as the ubiquitous Falk, whose work pops up in just about every gallery in the state, and Steve Gompf of the Lisa Sette Gallery. "Jeff [Falk] has these great singing characters that he does. They're just something you have to see," says Sanders.

"Sound + Vision 1" also features video presentations by Gompf, Sharri Weinberg, Ralph Brekan, Cindy Brown and Orin Portnoy. Jeff Cochran, who ran The Monkey Show microcinema on Grand Avenue before he closed it and moved to New Mexico, is also a featured video artist. A frequent painter of monkeys, Cochran once sold a painting to gorilla guru Jane Goodall. "That's his big claim to fame," jokes Sanders.

In addition to the "Vision" elements, the "Sound" portion is provided by various performers and musicians, including DJ Brekan, Last Wave, and Robin Graves. Modified Arts' music programmer Leslie Barton is featured in her as-yet-unidentified performance art. "I don't know what exactly she's doing, which is a good thing," says Sanders. "A lot of times we let people just run with it." Falk, who is also featured as a performance artist, presents spoken word along with John Ward.

According to Sanders, the event likely will run until around 10 both nights. "But if the crowd's really enjoying it, it will go a little longer," he says. Sanders also says each night is a completely different show. "Some performers are involved in both nights, but they have a different act each night." If you can't make it to both performances, don't despair. "Sound + Vision 1" will be broadcast live over the Internet. "It won't be as exciting as seeing it live, but it's for people who can't make it out," says Sanders.