New Times columnist Marnye Oppenheim passed away May 14 after a brief illness. Marnye wrote "Bite Me," a unique question-and-answer session with local restaurant patrons. The column debuted in New Times Los Angeles in early 2001 and soon became one of the paper's most popular items. Marnye brought "Bite Me" to Phoenix in January when the L.A. paper closed. She was 32. A memorial service was held earlier this week.

Kid Stuff

Game boy: I just wanted to say I enjoyed "I'll Take Care of Your Kids!"(Jimmy Magahern, May 8) and thought it was well done. I'm an avid gamer even at the age of 26. I hold a professional IT job (virus management and IT security) yet still get drawn to playing games. It was very accurate and factual, talking about the pluses and minuses. Thanks again!

Name withheld by request

Baby-sitters club: I'm a serious computer user (Web page design, sending and receiving e-mail, surfing the Net, etc.) but this is sickening! Parents using these PC game rooms as electronic baby sitters should have their a**es kicked! Kids need Mom and Dad, not marathon computer games! This just goes to show why our society and civilization are headed for Hell at Mach XVI! I'm all for kids learning how to use the computer, but for parents to use it as an electronic baby sitter (like earlier generations used the boob tube) makes me sick!

Marc V. Ridenour
Via e-mail

Publicity Hounds

Include us out: I was given the link to your article about my sister ShariAnne Fischer and my brother-in-law Daved to add to our Web site ("Cough Link," Speakeasy, Robrt L. Pela, May 15). I am absolutely disgusted by your treatment of my sister and your entire tack in interviewing her for your newspaper.

My sister and her husband have received plenty of publicity from well-known papers in your area. How dare you insult and demean her when her husband is close to dying. If your interviewer had such a negative view of my sister using a Web site to try to raise funds to keep her husband alive, I am not sure why you chose to interview her.

Your interview will not appear on our Web site because you are absolutely no help to us and, in fact, your article is quite deprecating and detrimental to our cause. I am sure your readers will get a kick out of hearing your interviewer attack an innocent person, but I think it is unconscionable that you chose to take out your vitriol on someone whose husband is dying.

I think you owe my sister, her husband and our entire family an apology. I do not see how it serves your paper or our cause to let such a degrading interview be printed in your magazine. Your interviewer is a dick, plain and simple.

I will do everything in my power to boycott your magazine including calling your advertisers.

Audrey Fischer
San Francisco

Name dropping: The Speakeasy article was terrible. It was inaccurate, incomplete, insensitive and showed no compassion. This is a life-and-death situation. Your reporter made a joke of a serious and desperate matter. ShariAnne Fischer and Daved Preston (not Fischer) have been working 24/7 to raise the necessary funds to keep him alive. This should have been an attack on Medicare and the doctors, not on ShariAnne and Daved. I am ShariAnne's mother and Daved's mother-in-law.

Elaine Fischer

Editor's note: Daved Preston's last name was stated incorrectly in the column.

Sympathy Strike
Judge dread: I just finished reading "Paralyzed in Paradise"(Amy Silverman, May 1) and am speechless! I happen to know Heather Grossman and the children. My 12-year-old son wrote a letter to the judge telling about the harsh behavior John Grossman used against the family dog Raider, who by the way was just awarded to John! I am in complete amazement! How much is a family supposed to take before someone helps them? This is a family dog that my children have played with! How can a judge be so cruel? This dog means nothing to John, but has been a loving companion for these children through all of the horrible times! Very unfair! These poor children!

How can Rick Romley let such a horrible case of abuse like this go unnoticed? Heather could not defend herself. Why is his office not pressing charges? He is giving Heathers ex-husband a free pass to go out and abuse again. Is a 200-page police report with several witnesses not enough evidence to press charges? In the future I will never again support Rick Romley.

It clearly seems to me that many people have been persuaded by Johns fathers money! This is such a sad story for the whole family. I felt so helpless after reading this story I cant even imagine how Heather feels.

Jocelyn Schuman

AG-gravated: Great article! Do not let up. Get 'em!! The Grossmans and the Arizona attorney general are ignorant wretches and other things I could call them that are not for print!

My heart goes out to Heather -- a beautiful, wonderful and strong spirit. I hope someone comes up with a cure for spinal ailments.

Don Carter
Orono, Minnesota

Appall bearer: I am appalled at the story I have just read. To think that in this day and age people can get away with such cruelty. What kind of a world do we live in? It is so clear that money talks. What about this woman and her children? How will they survive? Rick Romley needs to take action to protect our women and children now!

Ellen Schnall

Witnesses for the prosecution: I find it horrifying that in the year 2003, the DA's office can be so in the dark ages regarding domestic abuse. How much more evidence is needed to prosecute this case? It sounds as though there are multitudes of witnesses to corroborate Heather Grossman's story as well as speaking to her credibility. How much more does this poor woman and her children have to suffer?

Please do the right thing.

Donna B. Shortt
Laguna Niguel, California

Taking action: Thank you so much for printing the very well-researched article about Heather Grossman. It has, though, left me feeling speechless and, of course, incensed. I am taking this first course of action to beg Rick Romley to please reconsider taking action about this horribly obvious case of abuse. It is apparent that Heather is too weak to fight for herself; we as a community must stand up together and do it for her!

Merry Cole Bender
Via e-mail

Abuse of justice: I read your story about Heather Grossman and I was saddened beyond belief that anyone would have to endure the life that Heather has endured. I also have to say that I am sickened that Rick Romley's office is not all over this case to prosecute. According to your article, there are several witnesses who saw Mr. Grossman verbally and even physically abuse Heather, not to mention the Paradise Valley police and their reports. Also, according to your article, Mr. Grossman' s attorney found only one witness who saw nothing. That does not make sense to me. Based on the numbers alone, I would think Mr. Romley's office has no other choice than to seek justice for Heather and her family.

I am writing to support Heather Grossman and her family to see if there is anything we, the public, can do to support her case. It seems to me that if we don't go after the "bad" guys when we have witnesses to prove the case, what happens to those women and even men who are abused who don't have witnesses? I guess they have absolutely no chance at all for justice. Heather and her kids have been through enough.

Nancy Fisher
Via e-mail