Porno Cop

No matter how wide his triumphs, Ron Dible will probably always be known around these parts as Porno Cop. Dible was sacked by the Chandler Police Department earlier this year when naughty photographs of himself and his wife were discovered on an adult Web site. Never one to take his lumps lying down, Dible is suing the City of Chandler for violation of his First Amendment rights. After all, Dible argues, his face doesn't appear in any of the photographs -- just what he calls "other parts of my body."

We meet at On the Border, an east Mesa bar and restaurant around the corner from Pipe City, Dible's new motorcycle shop. He's been dodging the press up 'til now, but he's finally caved in to my requests to explain why he thought he could get away with being a civil servant while also pimping his wife.

New Times: Shame on you, Ron Dible.

Ron Dible: The whole thing was pretty innocent. My wife, Megan, was working as a police dispatcher for Chandler PD, but what she really wanted to do was sell real estate. At that time there were a lot of news stories about adult Web sites, and one night we saw one and Megan said, "Hey, I could do that! If the money's as good as they say, it would allow me to quit the PD while I'm getting my real estate license."

NT: Your wife wanted to do Internet porn. What did you tell her?

Dible: I said, "I'll support you in this if it's really what you want to do, but we have to keep our names out of it." We did some research and found out how to do it and what kind of money was really there.

NT: And you launched a porn site.

Dible: It wasn't our site, it was a Web site out of Tucson called Dreamnet. I took the photos and submitted them, and Dreamnet posted them. You pay to see the photos, and Megan gets some of that [money].

NT: And you were a police officer at the time. Did you think that no one would cite morals issues when it was discovered you were moonlighting as a pornographer?

Dible: I still to this day don't see why I did anything wrong. The whole thing was done under the umbrella of anonymity. Dreamnet didn't know what I did for a living or my name. I tried to keep out of it.

NT: But you took the pictures!

Dible: Obviously. And I was a prop in several pictures.

NT: A prop?

Dible: Body parts -- hands, legs, stuff like that. But no part of me that would be recognized by anyone at work. I never told anyone about it, so I didn't have any problems about it at work.

NT: No one?

Dible: Well, there was a reserve officer named Jeff Smith, and his wife was wanting to do this, too. He knew I had some experience building Web sites, and he came to me and said, "What would it take to do this?"

NT: Are all the cops in town doing porno Web sites?

Dible: Hardly! Anyway, I told Jeff and his wife about the company we'd been submitting our photos to. I showed them Megan's Web site, and they ended up doing it for about a year or so themselves.

NT: Did you really think you wouldn't get caught?

Dible: I assumed that if anyone from my department did see the pictures and realize it was Megan, they wouldn't tell anyone that they had been looking at an adult Web site. But they did, and that's how it spread through the police department.

NT: And then all your colleagues were looking at pictures of your wife with no clothes on.

Dible: People at work would say, "I hear your wife has a porn Web site," and I'd always say, "If you find it, let me know!" My supervisor kept saying, "Where'd you get the money for that new swimming pool?" But the rumor slowly worked its way to Dispatch, and they don't just dispatch calls, they dispatch all the news in the PD. It exploded, and everyone in the department knew about it. One of the [female] dispatchers sent my wife an e-mail that said, "Megan, love your Web site, you're beautiful, you made my dreams come true."

NT: Wait. A female employee of the police department wrote to your wife that she'd made her dreams come true?

Dible: Well, that particular woman and her husband are swingers. And you know, there was this assumption from people on the force that we were swingers, too.