Ryne Sandberg

Current job: Second baseman, Chicago Cubs.
Cool because: Has won six straight Gold Gloves. Needs 73 more games at second base to qualify as the all-time leading second baseman in fielding percentage. Lifetime batting average of .284.

Resides in Tempe during the off-season because: "When I was with the Phillies, there were two winters when we came here to visit my wife's relatives, and I really enjoyed coming here. So I got a little taste of it then. Actually, when I was traded to the Cubs, I was here at the time, on one of those vacations, and we ended up renting a place. It just ties in with spring training real well. Everybody else has to move out here for a month and a half, and I just get to stay here in the house with my family. It basically just eliminates one movement I have to make once a year."

Good dirt on off-the-field spring training high jinks: "Golf, tennis. I like to fish on the lakes up north, Lake Powell and Canyon Lake. You know, since I'm so busy in the summertime, it seems like I miss out on family activities in the summer. Coming down here in the wintertime allows me and my family to get outside and do things."

Number of kids: "Two, ages six and four and a half." Opinion of spring training in Arizona: "I think it's fun here. It's a good atmosphere, especially being with the Cubs, all the attention we get and the crowds that we get. It's just great fan support. The games are actually kind of fun because of that."

Favorite ballpark: "I think ours [HoHoKam] is one of the nicer ones all the way around. They keep adding seats every year. All the other ones are nice. I like going to Palm Springs for two days. We go for two games. They are all basically nice. There's not a bad park."

Favorite golf courses: "Gainey Ranch and Ocotillo. I play most of them. I like to skip around."

Handicap: "Anywhere from a 6 to an 8."
Off-season goal: "I want to get involved in the Phoenix Open, playing in that pro-am. That's something I'm kind of shooting for next year."