Club Candids

Chilly Phase

Who goes clubbing on a Sunday, anyway? Leave it to the techno kids — they love to party so much, Saturday nights just aren't enough. On Sunday, December 10, the Phase 54 regulars popped in to celebrate the club's 2 Year Anniversary Party with "Aural Fixation Night!"

Tucked away among office buildings in south Tempe, this surprisingly modern balcony bar offers an alternative to the nearby all-white-mid-30s meat markets. The night was a bit too chilly for a huge crowd to visit the mostly outside club, but faithful stragglers showed up to nurse the last hours of their hangovers from the night before, when the place was totally packed.

The fact that Sunday is typically laundry day was apparent with these folks who were dressed in super casual tee shirts and hoodies. The music was just the right volume, allowing for easy conversation with the occasional shoulder pop to a favorite song. With plenty of DJs to go around, including Ladykilla, D Mok, Optic, Robotech, Tik:Tek, and Ill-legal, the lazy Sunday crowd enjoyed the evening's stellar beats.