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Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Trashman letters come in; bits o' luv, lots o' hate. But after I tossed the latest Jimmy Buffett dullard to the kittens in last month's column, tons of spunk-packed e-mail scribed by ire Buffett mellow yellows from around the country crammed the box. Ironically, a bulk of said shorts arrived sans the genial and pleasant tone that Buffett and his crew of Parrotheads spout with so much self-satisfaction. At least no one threatened my life like the time I wrote a few sentences about the keglike girth of Vince Neil after suffering through the skin flick he did with falling porn star Janine. It's hard to believe how many people think portly Neil is actually phat.

So, the following are only a few Buffetteer notations. All are left in their unedited glory, minus the writer's identity.

Boston Babies
Talk about pompous? Thank God I don't have to read your reviews in the Boston papers. Course, on the other hand, you could never land a job there anyway!

Oh, spare us the geographic elitism, sister Sue, it's as unbecoming as your inability to grasp plain sarcasm.

Hairy Palmed Finger
Do you even listen to the music before you review it????? Could have fooled me!

Do you have control of the finger you use to command the question mark key before you touch it, or is it just on a bum shag?

Idiot Wind
You call what he (Jimmy Buffett) writes trash? Why does he continually sell out show after show? His new album has five great songs ("I Will Pay for Gumbo," "Lucky Stars," "You Call It Joggin'," "I Don't Know I Don't Care" and "Pacing the Cage"). Maybe you should quite your criticism, you know why? All critics are wrong, especially when it comes to movies, you guys could not pick a winner at the box office if you tried, let alone a good CD. Leave the man alone and let us Parrotheads enjoy life, our music, and our beer.

P.S. At least the man is doing what he likes to do . . . that's more than what I can say about you.

Quite my criticism too, I say!

Suck Write Off

(Un)-Reconstructed Yuppycock
I'm sure by now you've gotten numerous e-mails from all of us "yup cash-cow cafe" customers. Well, we are all in various stages of yuppiedom but at least we admit it. As with your previous "article," just prior to your Buffett review you discuss record stores, the quote ("Record stores make Blake want to puke these days, especially ones in chains and shopping malls. These stores are nothing but corporate color and test-market results manned by insufferable do-nothings with compulsive masturbating disorders who think there is no connection between what is old and what is new."). That could easily apply to people who get paid to review new music. You do get paid don't you? As with most reviewers you stumbled right into the standard cliches that one must use when the lack of knowledge regarding their subject is their problem (you really should only write about what you know).

References to cocaine use, pot use and alcohol fill the page but do not provide any insight as to why you think this music is no good. Are you pissed off because Buffett is successful and Joan Jett is not? Or is it because Buffett is actually growing in popularity and you don't understand? I don't have a problem with you not liking Buffett. In fact I prefer that people like you do not become Parrotheads. I have a problem with you trashing the music and not knowing anything about it. Please in the future learn a bit about your subject matter before you sit down to the keyboard and do your "reviews."

Like I said, the new Buffett burp is but a boring platter of wimp-fry. Besides, just what part of parody gets yer goat just so? And leave Joan Jett out of it; she could whoop both our asses, and Jimmy's too!

Popinjay Parrot
I have been a Parrothead for over twenty years, and have never read a review by a person so aptly named!! You lived up to your handle "Trash Man" with this one!

P.S. I'm a Joan Jett fan also, but don't look for me to share mine with you any time soon!

Thanks, man. But still, I wouldn't share yours if it were strapped to the pelvis of Ms. Jett herself.

Church of Parrotology
Obviously, you have never taken the time to enjoy the simple things in life. Step aside from criticizing Jimmy's voice/lyrics and try adopt some of the Parrothead views and attitudes, you might actually become a happy person.