Bobby! Herman! Davy! Screeeech!!!

Here they come, walkin' down our street. Three of the grooviest guys who ever filled the pages of Tiger Beat. Blue-eyed Bobby Sherman, darling Davy Jones and the adorably dimpled Peter Noone. Yes, the Teen Idols Tour is coming to our town! Three boss guys who were every happening teeny bopper's fave rave some 30 years ago are going to be reliving the glory days on the revolving stage of the Celebrity Theatre on Saturday, August 8.

Anyone who's 40 or older can remember a time when every young teenaged girl's bedroom was covered with toothy pinups of these three. Bobby Sherman was a constant fixture on variety TV shows in the late Sixties, spinning off a side career of million-selling pop tunes from his hit series Here Come the Brides. Davy Jones is, of course, best remembered as "the cute one" in The Monkees. Jones' fellow Brit Peter Noone was best-known as lead singer of Herman's Hermits, the most pop-oriented of the British Invasion of bands that followed in the Beatles' wake.

No stranger to the Celebrity Theatre stage, Jones came through town just last year on the Monkees' 30th-anniversary tour. Noone's catalogue of Hermits hits--"Henry the Eighth" among them--and tried-and-true comedy bits have kept him employed long past the time his status as teen idol was officially retired. He has always traveled under his own name, by the way--there is a group of "Herman's Hermits" on the oldies circuit, but it doesn't include the first Herman.

Of this trio, it's Bobby who is on the comeback trail. He left show business in the latter Seventies for a career as an emergency medical technician and EMT training instructor for the Los Angeles police department. But when the call came to give the old songs a shot one more time, he couldn't say no. It's not like his fans have all gone away, after all. Dozens of active fan-based Web sites and homepages are dedicated to all things Bobby; his recent autobiography, Still Remembering You, has gotten him on the couch with Rosie and Jay; and most of the publicity for this tour has focused on his return. Maybe there is room for 50-year-old "Teen Idols."

--David Gofstein

The Teen Idols Tour plays at 8 p.m. Saturday, August 8, at the Celebrity Theatre, 440 North 32nd Street. Tickets are $37.50 and $27.50. 267-1600 (Celeb), 503-5555 (Dillard's).