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Casket Life Record Release Party

Casket Life's latest press release jokes that the Tempe punk quintet's plans for 2005 include heavy drinking, but it's clear from the band's brief résumé that time spent at the bar hasn't gotten in the way of kicking ass onstage or in the recording studio. Since forming less than two years ago, Casket Life quickly impressed the AZPunk.com crowd with an intense six-song EP, Less Skill, More Kill, an excellent split seven-inch with the Smoky Mountain Skullbusters, and plenty of raw, high-energy live shows around the Valley. Now the band is about to release its debut full-length, The Good Times Are Killing Me, on the local Stomping Ground record label, before heading out for a West Coast tour. With furious, raw-throated vocals, a raw barrage of guitar, and pummeling drums that are as conducive to dancing as to knocking back another PBR, the 12 hardcore punk tracks on Good Times have just the right touches of metal muscle and rock 'n' roll snarl. Casket Life is one band that's bound to bring attention to Arizona's prolific punk talent pool.