Local Wire


If a band is known for its kooky costumes and outrageous theatrics, people might assume there's something lacking in its sound. Not so with the J-pop punkers in Peelander-Z, who back their whack with some solid songs. Their origins are a closely guarded secret, but news reports from Area Z indicate the tacky triumvirate of Peelanders Red, Yellow, and Blue might've been born from some dastardly science experiment gone amok, where the more garish garnishments of wrestling, anime, and the club kid aesthetic were grafted onto a trio of rockers from NYC, creating the world's first fully functional "Japanese Action Comic Punk Band." The frenzied and rapid nature of their music is exemplified by the chaotic madness of their live shows, where past high jinks have included games of human bowling and crazy kung fu action. Although the cozy conditions of the Trunk Space might not permit these J-pop punkers from pulling off such theatrics, they're bound to find some way to entertain the local gaijin.