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Blood Brothers

It would be wrong to dismiss Seattle's Blood Brothers as a run-of-the-mill hardcore or punk band. Yes, singers Jordan Blilie and Johnny Whitney are capable of screams and screeches more grating than Godzilla's nails on a giant chalkboard. But it doesn't take a genius to see the group's penchant for cleverly appropriating various rock styles that aren't usually considered common in the hardcore realm. By the time Crimes ends, the fuzz-riffing of Black Sabbath, the throaty yelps and boogie-woogie of GN'R, and the strangecore indie shuffling of Modest Mouse have all been mined and combined with the occasional soul jam or melodic vamp. Much like the Blood Brothers' previous release, Burn Piano Island, Burn, their latest does a good job preparing listeners for a live show that is equal parts sweat, screams, joy, and anger.