Chud Slinger

When your name is Dr. Chud, which stands for "Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Drummer," and your horror-punk-themed solo project is touring during the scariest time of the year, you'd expect a stage show filled with grisly gore, rotting corpses and ghastly deeds.

So what does the good doctor mention first when asked about bringing his X-WARD to the Paper Heart? "We have a great merch booth," Chud says. "We usually do the whole Halloween thing with makeup, smoking pumpkins, cobwebs everywhere."

Frankly, that sounds more like something we'd see at some hokey haunted house, not the kind of shocking shit we'd hope for from a former drummer for the Misfits.

"We might have one arm dismemberment," Chud admits. "The guitar player might end up making do with only one arm. You never know."

Now that's more like it.

While it's hard to nail down the performance by Chud and his backup band, it's even harder to figure out their sound. Maybe we should ask the doctor for a second opinion.

"It's a mix of power pop, punk rock," says the 40-year-old drummer-turned-frontman, who claims his doctorate is in gynecology and problem solving. "I'm very versatile and hard to pin down."

For his live shows, like his albums, ol' Doc Chud grafts new material together with older songs from unused contributions he's made to the Misfits, like "Spiderbaby" from his five years with the band. Playing rehashes from the seminal punk group is ironic, considering it's the reason why Chud left the group.

"In 2000, [Misfits frontman Jerry Only] approached me and said he only wanted to do all old songs and an anniversary tour. I've never been in a cover band my whole life," Chud says. "So there's no way I was gonna put two to three years of my life on hold because this guy wants to do songs that somebody wrote years ago."