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Massive Stars

Log on to the Gloritone Web site and you'll find yourself redirected to www.massivestars.net, home of Massive Stars. Basically, it's two-thirds of Gloritone (Tim Anthonise and Scott Hessel minus bassist Nick Scropos, who's now in Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers) with new bassist Chris Serafini (Ghetto Cowgirl, The Stereo) and second guitarist Jason Sukut (Fifteen Minutes Fast). One can only applaud Massive Stars' plans to forgo the frequent local gigging that left Gloritone looking like a bar band instead of a group with national attention. Even after being lauded and invited back on the Howard Stern show (where nine out of 10 CDs played get mercilessly raked over the coals), and releasing three full-length CDs of powerful aggropop, it's a mystery why the members of Gloritone were never treated like Massive Stars in their hometown. Why, Arizona, why? Because they shared the same zip code as you? It's your civic duty to shower this bill's four bands with better-late-than-never praise before they all concentrate their energies elsewhere.