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Labor Party

If you're going to the Phoenix school of punk rock, what better teacher to have than Jeff Dahl? Local trio Labor Party thanks the former Angry Samoan for his "support and expertise" in the liner notes of its new CD, Graffiti and Glass, a raucous nod to the psychedelic pre-punk that influenced Dahl's own brand of thrashy, trashy garage rock. While most of the songs on the CD showcase the band's ability to blaze through a three-minute song with gnarly aplomb, there's clear evidence of a classic rock influence; "Fine You Find" finds the band in an acoustic, philosophical, even melodic (gasp!) mood, even if it does sound dangerously like the Amboy Dukes or Steppenwolf. But there's nothing more punk than doing your own thing, right? Screw the arbitrary rule that says punks can't play. Labor Party don't need no stinking rules, man.