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Burning Spear

One day back in 1969, Winston Rodney was walking through the hills of St. Ann's, Jamaica, when he ran into Bob Marley, who was on his way to his farm with a donkey, some buckets, and some plants. Rodney told Marley he wanted to get involved in the music business, and Marley told him to check with record label Studio One. That same year, Rodney recorded the song "Door Peep" for the label, and changed his name to Burning Spear.

Thirty-five years later, Burning Spear remains one of the few living, touring pioneers of the reggae sound. After releasing more than 30 albums, winning a Grammy, and starting his own label, Burning Spear Records, with his wife and partner Sonia Rodney, the reggae legend is poised to smoke some grooves at the Venue of Scottsdale, his first Valley show since 1999. Better roll up a long phatty, though -- Burning Spear's shows regularly last more than two hours.