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Ho-hum. Another week, another militant vegan band comes to town. If you didn't get your fill (pun intended) at last week's Earth Crisis show, the lovable "veganarchists" in Propagandhi are stopping in Tempe this weekend to spread the gospel of iodine deficiency to the masses. For a band that professes to despise capitalism, this Canadian punk quartet sure seems to be in tune with the tastes of the mass market. The band's 1993 debut album, How to Clean Everything, sounded tailor-made to appeal to fans of that era's pop-punk megastars like Green Day and The Offspring. In contrast, Propagandhi's latest album, Supporting Caste, features melodic, metal-tinged hardcore that wouldn't sound out of place blaring from the speakers at your local Hot Topic. The band has been known to intersperse long-winded, leftist political rants between songs (their second album was even titled Less Talk, More Rock), but this concert might not be devoid of entertainment. While researching the negative consequences of a poorly planned vegan diet, we came across a 2007 study showing that vegans have a higher rate of bone fractures than their carnivorous counterparts. Translation: Keep your eye — and your cell-phone camera — on the mosh pits.