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James Intveld

In the 1990 film Cry-Baby, Johnny Depp played a rebellious rocker named Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker. Walker's singing voice, however, was provided by rockabilly revivalist James Intveld, who was trying to make a name for himself. Intveld's real break came in 1996, when he was invited to contribute a track on a disc that celebrated the 20th anniversary of a Los Angeles-based indie label. His tune, "Barely Hangin' On," caught the interest of the company's executives, who invited him to cut a full disc. Intveld is currently on the road promoting his latest release, Have Faith. Though also in demand as a studio multi-instrumentalist, he still finds time to dabble in acting and directing — he recently appeared in a George Strait music video and directed the 2005 film Miracle at Sage Creek.