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Little Ones

There are a staggering number of new American indie bands out there. And that means there are plenty of bands going unnoticed. But Little Ones, from Los Angeles, somehow managed to stave off the anonymity that ends the careers of so many bands. How? Well, their sound is hardly original and Little Ones look just like every other Southern California indie-rock band out there. Yet here they are, touring the United States and forcing their style of bland, insomnia-curing rock music down the throats of willing — and sometimes not-so-willing — listeners. The band does not strive to reinvent the wheel, nor does it try to distance itself from the horde of similar-sounding, dickhead-infested "indie" bands. Actually trying to inject a little innovation into your music could prove to be a daunting task. Why should the band have to exert themselves like that? It's just so much easier to get a shitty haircut and sit around listening to Jeff Buckley's Grace for the 900th time.