Local Wire

Jessica Simpson

Why is it that we crave controversy from our pop singers? Might it be because we love to look at their lives through a microscope? Are our culture and our lives that dull and boring that we are forced to react to every little thing someone like Jessica Simpson does? Do you honestly believe I can write this whole piece by only asking questions? I'll spare you the latter, but it is intriguing that when Jessica Simpson chooses to put on high-waist mom jeans that make her appear to be a little full, pop culture swoons at the chance to call her fat. I remember one time when she was just an attractive young woman who sang sugary-sweet pop songs like "I Wanna Love You Forever" and had her dad as her manager. Fast-forward nine years, throw in a mind-numbing marriage to former boy band heartthrob (with a reality TV show in tow), a younger sister who shouldn't be allowed to name children, and a fling with a Dallas Cowboys quarterback and out comes Jessica Simpson's life. Is overexposure a bad thing? Look at where Jessica is now, opening for Rascal Flatts, and you tell me.