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The Rosewood Thieves

Seeking a mellow, down-to-earth sound that's completely soul-rocking? New York's The Rosewood Thieves have it down to a science. These five folks exemplify modern folk rock while incorporating retro resonance. With their classic aura, and ability to tell a whole story in five minutes or less, the group has a familiar, almost Beatles-esque sound, with lead singer Erick Jordan evoking John Lennon on many tracks. Their most-played song on MySpace, "Los Angeles," was featured on HBO's Entourage and ABC's Grey's Anatomy. Grey's also recently incorporated "Heavy Eyes," the last track from The Thieves' first full-length album, Rise & Shine. With guitars strumming at a soothing and impeccable pace, drums keeping a steady, old-school beat, and bass and organ rounding out the band's buzz, The Rosewood Thieves strive to hit that spot in your eardrums that keeps you listening. Do you know the kind of tunes that induce an uncontrollable head-bop and toe-tap? Yeah, they've got that, too.