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Electric Six

Writing a song that paints a picture of a fire in a Taco Bell is no easy task, yet Detroit's Electric Six laughs at such a notion. The band's infamous 2003 single "Danger! (High Voltage)" easily sums up what kind of effect the genre-bending band is going for. Dick Valentine, lead singer of the six-piece rock outfit, relies heavily on ridiculous kitsch when belting out such songs as "Gay Bar," "Naked Pictures (Of Your Mother)" and "Dance Epidemic." The band even has the balls to cover Queen. Despite all the silly attempts at rock 'n' roll buffoonery, Valentine and the gang manage to put on quite the live show. The dapperly dressed Electric Six has a blast playing its music onstage, and Dick Valentine's (not his real name, sadly) disco stud/lounge singer persona pours over the stage onto the crowd. It is a show that is sure to convert the skeptics while rewarding those longtime fans. There is no doubt that the band has a message, and — appropriately enough — it includes getting on the dance floor and shaking it to their brand of Detroit-tinged, disco/garage rock 'n' roll.