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The Maine

Tempe's The Maine has MySpace tweens and teens eating out of their hands. And can you blame them? With their emo haircuts, skinny jeans, and songs filled with bouncy choruses about girls, love, and boys who just want to have fun, it's not hard to see their charm. MTV has seen it. The network featured The Maine's music on The Hills and Making the Band. Need further proof? Just listen to their 12-track pop-punk arsenal Can't Stop, Won't Stop, which features the poppy single "Everything I Ask For," or their holiday EP . . . And a Happy New Year. The guys even went crunk on this year's Punk Goes Crunk, on which they covered Akon's "I Wanna Love You." The barely-out-of-high-school group, which recently wrapped a tour with Good Charlotte and Boys Like Girls, will headline the "One Night Stand" at The Venue of Scottsdale. If you want to attend the show, be prepared to dish out at least $20 at a Valley Wet Seal for one of the band's shirts in return for a concert ticket.