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Alejandro Sanz

Despite his announcement late last year that he had fathered an illegitimate child, Alejandro Sanz remains an internationally beloved Latin balladeer. An aging heartthrob and the bestselling pop star to ever come out of Spain, Madrid native Sanz is not yet a household name in America, despite hitting big with a song called "La Tortura" in 2005 with fellow global-chart dominator Shakira. This is mostly because, unlike Shakira, he insists on doing almost all his singing in Spanish. It's not as though you'll need a thorough knowledge of castellano, however, to appreciate the gist of Sanz's songs, which are mostly soft-focus love ballads and other (estrogen-heavy) crowd-pleasers. That's not to say that Sanz is predictable or his concerts the equivalent of chick flicks. With forays into electronica, hip-hop, and even an MTV Unplugged album, Sanz is committed to doing his rico suave thing exactly how he wants to. Which is quite macho indeed.