Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, May 28, 2009

JOe's Goon Squad

Joe idolizers are birds of a feather: If there was any doubt in people's minds about whether neo-Nazis like J.T. Ready were associated with Rusty Childress' United for a Sovereign America and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, it's all erased now ("Ja, Joe!" Stephen Lemons, May 14).

There they were at the May 2 anti-Arpaio march, Nazi thugs saluting Joe — their personal Adolf Hitler — with their outstretched arms. And the next thing you knew, Joe was giving one of the goons a photo opportunity and telling them the "enemy" is on the way.

Ready is a Jew-hating retard who would've fit in perfectly with the Third Reichers during World War II, and politicians like State Senator Russell Pearce [a former high-ranking MCSO officer], Joe Arpaio, and County Attorney Andrew Thomas apparently see nothing wrong with him.

The evidence of this is in your story: Joe's pictured with neo-Nazi "Vito Lombardi" [real name: Thomas Colleto], with Ready standing a few feet away; Arpaio's pictured with Childress, who contributes to Ready's legislative campaign, gets him a bouncer job, and welcomes him into U.S.A. meetings; Joe gives a speech to U.S.A. faithful, and his MCSO routinely tips off the extremist group to what anti-Joe activists are up to; Andy Thomas is pictured grinning at a U.S.A. meeting.

[They are] birds of a feather who would've all been welcomed into the Nazi Party in Hitler's Germany.

Rose Mary Embry, address withheld

Heaven help us: Nazi thugs saluting Joe Arpaio on a public street in Arizona — I can't see why anybody would move to this state after all the news reports about Arpaio and his extremist constituents, who unfortunately constitute the voting majority in the state's largest county.

Elizabeth Sawyer, address withheld

Welcome to "Aribama": I don't think I need to tell most of you how this is playing in the rest of the country. Any mention of Arizona nowadays elicits a comparison to '50s Alabama.

Hell, I've heard it called "Aribama." People who have never been there have their minds made up as to what the population is like. So I really hope that you, the population of Arizona, start doing a hell of a lot more.

Kevin Dean, San Jose, California

It's 'chic,' J.T., not 'Schick': Who are the delusional amongst us?

Those who see . . . filth and Zionist propaganda pouring out of our TVs, newspapers, magazines, and other forms of Jew-dominated media for the racist anti-White propaganda that it is?

Or 'tards who are in complete denial of the blatant facts that the major media outlets are owned exclusively by Jews, not Nazis?

Who are the insane amongst us?

Those who wish to oppose the Zionist tyranny that is ripping at the very fabric of Western civilization, who wish to preserve their culture and race against invasion, genocide, and self-defeating loathing?

Or the brainwashed rabble who feel delighted when they are patted on the head for following the lead to their own destruction by Judas goats and shabbatz goyim working in lockstep with their kosher slaughter-masters?

Who are the sick amongst us?

Those who naturally gravitate to their own kind and work to further the aims and goals of leaders who wish to preserve and protect their race as all other healthy races do?

Or self-hating fools who think it is Schick [sic] to embrace "diversity," "'multi-culturalism," perversity, "equality," "affirmative action," Zionism, and other clearly suicidal agendas aimed at displacing whites from power?

Who are the crazy amongst us?

Those who oppose the Zionist Occupied Government of their once-beautiful and prosperous European American land that is now infested with Third World trolls, gangbangers, child molesters, crooked politicians, doped-up/dumbed-down morons, and every manner of decadence imaginable?

Or the fools who go around screaming "Nazi! Nazi!" every chance they get, despite the fact that not one National Socialist is in power running this country [nor are] Nazis causing the conundrum of mass crime which the police have to encounter daily from the non-white scum on the streets every single day?

J.T. Ready, neo-Nazi, Mesa