Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, August 27, 2009


DOSE deserves to be singled out: Loved the story on DOSE. He's a street artist unparalleled in PHX. It's past time that he got his museum show and the recognition he deserves.

People who do not consider graffiti writers like Dose to be great artists are sick in the head, without any sense of taste in the modern world. His art speaks from the street, where most of us hang out.

Thanks, New Times, for having the insight to single him out from the flock of stupid graffiti idiots that permeate this and most big cities. Most of them are just a bunch of fuck-ups who will never make anything of themselves.

In addition, they will hate DOSE with a jealous rage for getting ahead with his art.
M.L. Dunsmore, Phoenix

Real artists labor in obscurity: You call what DOSE does art!? There are plenty of graffiti artists in the Phoenix area who would qualify for that title, but not DOSE. Why does New Times always get it wrong?

All he does is static lettering and round faces. He's a joke. The real artists labor in obscurity. They don't have the time to market themselves to the stupid public with museum shows.
Terry Gorman, Phoenix

Kill the taggers!: Nothing starts a neighborhood into a downward spiral — turns it into a place run by drug-dealing gangsters — faster than graffiti. Taggers should be shot on sight.
David Harris, Phoenix

Who wants to read a dumbshit's vomit?: Now, I would be pissed if even an artist like DOSE marked up my house, but it appears that he isn't doing that. It makes a difference that he does only public buildings, but how much of a difference does it make?

We still have to pay taxes that pay workers to clean those buildings, right? That's not good.

And then there's the issue of whether tagging is art. I mean, I wouldn't mind seeing DOSE's stuff in public places. It's cool. But most taggers in this town are shit-for-brains fools whose "writing" does nothing but deface. Who wants to read some little dumbshit's vomit?

I guess if a tagger gets a museum show, all's forgiven — or so it seems from your story.
Bernard Jack, Phoenix

DOSE is just a toy: Ain't hating on DOSE, but he's weak! How can I hate on someone who sucks? Maybe 'cause he's trying to steal the spotlight from real writers with some actual skills!

You have the biggest toy in Arizona on the cover of New Times. Why? He doesn't speak for all the AZ writerz! He claims to be a king, but he can't paint or draw for shit! He's the real definition of toy.

He's been painting since '89, but still has the skills of a beginner, or a female writer. DOSE, get out of the spotlight because you make AZ look weak. You're just not that good, punk!
DeRailed, Phoenix

Mainstream folks get to see street art: You know how you can tell somebody's a true artist? When people with taste who could own any piece of art they want decide to put that somebody's work on their walls.

And in DOSE's case, hey, a fucking museum has decided to put a street artist up! That's cool, because mainstream folks can see that something really good is coming from the street.

Props to New Times for doing an insightful piece on somebody who is about to take the art world by storm while keeping it real.
Teddy Gonzalez, Phoenix

DOSE a target now?: I've got to wonder why DOSE chose to cooperate for this story, because you know the cops are going to be up his backside now.

Guess that's how he keeps it street, since the cops are sure to cuff him at one of his shows soon.

Too bad for the art scene. Hope's he got a good lawyer.
Trent Sawyer, Phoenix

Kick the tar out of DOSE: Wouldn't it be funny if a guy who had his wall tagged by DOSE showed up at that gallery or his studio and just kicked the tar out of the guy?

Not a normal beat-the-tar-out-of-the-guy, but an old style, kung fu, wing chun beat-the-tar-out-of-the-guy.

I'm just saying, if the guy does not care about the law, why can't we just whale on him?
Name withheld

DOSE is an artist, not a vandal: Art is basically anything that captures someone's — anyone's — eye and evokes emotion. DOSE has that power as an artist, not as a vandal.

This is not so much a comment on the story as it is a comment on those who would take what he does and call it merely destructive in nature. Some would say that to take the majesty of something that a higher being created and blast four presidents' faces into it is destruction, defacement.

[But] DOSE takes a blank canvas in whatever form, and creates art, unparalleled.

I would be proud to have this talented artist turn my motorcycle into a rolling canvas. I am in awe of his work as an artist and wish I had the talent with cans of manufactured color that he puts onto walls here in the Valley — adding to what is already a beautiful canvas naturally.
Name withheld

DOSE, that's who: Let's review a few facts. Who's in the museum? Whose shit is getting repped by a Scottsdale gallery? Who's doing collaborations with a major AZ artist? Whose shit is still all over the street?

Who helped push the concept of legal walls in the PHX, when his homies told him it was too dangerous to cross over? Who got on the cover of New Times? Whose stuff is being collected by those with deep pockets?

Who got Luis Miranda to turn his walls over to major writers from in and outside the Valley? (C'mon, y'all can't tell me that shit ain't cool.) Who's been scoring gigs from Red Bull, etc.?

DOSE has something a lot of posers don't: ambition. For any butt pirate who said real writers stay unnoticed . . . Right. That would be only those who wish to remain losers for life.

For the other writers who're convinced they're better than DOSE, you may be. But without ambition, brohas, you'll never get out of your mom's basement.

Finally, DOSE has included a lot of people on his rise. Sure he's got an ego, but he's honest about it. Hate the game, not the playa.

For those calling DOSE a toy, please tell DOSE that in person, and then [announce the location] so we can go down and watch you get served.
Name withheld

Try harder, everyone else: If a writer finds himself upset that DOSE is in his current position, the obvious response should be to strive to do better. Speaking in negative terms toward him only displays your own jealousy.
Name withheld