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Polka Dot Dot

In a way it seems appropriate that the second full-length album from Polka Dot Dot is entitled Syzygy, a term used to describe the alignment of three or more celestial bodies in the same gravitational system along a line. If you were feeling sufficiently poetic, you could say that was the same way that Polka Dot Dot was formed: Although the trio of Jordan O'Jordan (Jordan Smith), Onyx of Olympia, and Twig Palace (Collen Johnson) come from various parts of the country, they didn't start playing music together until all three band members crossed paths at the Camp A Low Hum Music Festival in New Zealand. Several months later, the group released its debut album, Love Letter To New Zealand, on the indie label Bicycle Records. The album was a mixture of three-part harmonies combined with instrumentation from guitar, banjo, ukulele, musical saw, harp, and handclap percussion. Written after two U.S. tours, the follow-up album from Polka Dot Dot expands on the sound created on the first album with more orchestration and vocal arrangements.