Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, June 4, 2009


They find fake crimes more interesting: My heart bleeds for this young woman. Imagine what she went through at Moon Valley High School, only to be treated like a worthless whore by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. She was 14 years old when this videotaped statutory rape happened; Sheriff Joe Arpaio, have you no decency, no conscience?

This was the perfect case to underscore Arpaio's hypocrisy. His department spends endless amounts of taxpayer money on vendettas against political enemies — like on investigating the obvious lies about Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, not to mention the smear of former Arpaio opponent Dan Saban — and he can't go after a bunch of rapists of a child?

As usual, outrageous behavior from the Nazi sheriff and his thugs!
Susanna King, Los Angeles, Tempe

Too many don't care: Excellent article about the bogus clearance rate over at the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, and its supreme lack of effort in some cases.

And if you take into consideration that the MCSO said the other day that it didn't know the home address of someone it supposedly was investigating for five years — Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard; remember, the MCSO claimed it had "no idea" that was his house — one would suggest only two variables apply: lack of intelligence, or lack of effort when it comes to non-political investigations.

The saddest part, though, isn't that a top law enforcement agency has decided to make a political issue front and center over the increasing crime rate, and it's not even that it seemingly always gets away with what would end careers for most other [police units]. It's that 55 percent of voters in this county refuse to acknowledge any of it, or refuse to care!

When this [rape-of-a-teenager] story was on, people were complaining and blaming the victim! Not one word about the MCSO's lack of effort and attempted bloating of closure rates. Just trash-talking the victim. Now that's scary!

Add this to the fact that U.S. District Judge Neil Wake just said "Arpaio and his men conspired to arrest [local ACLU legal director] Dan Pochoda for intimidation purposes, violating his civil rights," and to the fact that any sane, logical, person has to be scratching his head asking, "How is this guy still in office?"

Well, apparently here in "Aribama," things like education, arresting criminals who have warrants [out on them], and victims' rights are a distant second to people's hate and anger over the immigration problem.
David Saint, Phoenix

We only have to connect with 6 percent of them: It seems as if, almost daily, the list of Arpaio's political opponents or critics who have been arrested, jailed, falsely accused, slandered, or otherwise intimidated grows.

For those of us hoping to overthrow Arpaio, [we hope] this kind of naked abuse of power might connect with and shock the 55 percent of voters who buy into his shtick on immigration or otherwise support him.

Americans can tolerate a host of shortcomings from our politicians, but corruption and abuse of office [shouldn't be among] them.

We should get T-shirts made with Arpaio and [Chief Deputy David] Henderschott's greasy mugs on them saying, "what the fuck ever, dude."
Chad Snow, Peoria

Some bedfellows are just too strange: I am becoming more and more impressed by the Goldwater Institute. Will it be the catalyst that finally brings Sheriff Joe Arpaio to justice?

I am extremely impressed that the Goldwater Institute, although very conservative in its stance on illegal immigration, is wise enough to not buy into Arpaio's bullshit when it comes to the horror that he has wrought upon so many.

Arpaio's bigoted attitude toward minorities feeds nativists' own sickness and allows all the closet racists to express their bigotry at the voting booth.
Name withheld

Klieg lights are the best disinfectant: There is only one way to bring justice in Phoenix for this mess Sheriff Joe Arpaio created years ago [starting] with Tent City: the court of public opinion.

Get Sheriff Joe and his followers off the power list. Bring in the big lights and camera action. My movie Backspin is about my experiences in Arpaio's jail.
Allison Hicks, Phoenix

Not worth the gas money: Joe Arpaio and Candy Thomas can only pick on the ones who can't fight back. I'm surprised that Joe isn't arresting the seniors in Sun City, those of them who are Democrats, anyway.

Thanks to Joe, Andy, Russell Pearce, and racist Confederate flag-wavers in Maricopa County, there [probably] will be no more Super Bowls for Arizona.
William Crum, via the Internet

Tyranny is bad for business: Your "Ja, Joe!" article made me depressed for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that national public opinion is turning against us in Arizona because of Joe Arpaio. It is sure to affect the number of people who come here and, thereby, the economic recovery that we all need so desperately.