Good to be Bad

Year after year, hungover with holiday excess — capped by a night of true debauchery — we wake up New Year’s morning and make bleary-eyed promises we know we’ll never keep: to drop pounds, cut out cigarettes, stop boozing. We’ll be model citizens! Clean out the closets, bust out the running shoes. Find a better job, a better relationship, a better attitude.

Yeah, right. This time around, we’re going to be brutally honest. We don’t intend to do any of the above. In fact, we’ve found good reason to hold onto some bad habits. So crack open a beer and a bag of potato chips, put your feet up and get a load of our rationalizations.

This year, it’s good to be bad.

Let Your Kid Get a Tattoo

Keep Drinking

Stop Exercising

Be a Girly Girl

Give Up Positive Thinking

Quit Your Job

Start Smoking